A strong diversity and inclusion in a workplace are essential in building a thriving business, most especially to attract top talent and drive innovative results when it comes to employee engagement. Workplace diversity promotes creativity and innovation because every team member, from leadership to frontline employees and mobile workers, brings a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to the table. Those unique viewpoints have a huge impact on your business and workforce. Also, it affects every aspect of your company.

There are so many different types of workplace diversity. At first, the term diversity was used originally to address racial equality and cultural diversity. However, as time goes by, the term workplace diversity has been expanded to encompass many different characteristics, such as cultural diversity in the workplace, racial equality, language diversity, different education levels, different viewpoints, gender diversity, religious diversity, and unique abilities. 

Here are 4 creative ways that a company can practice workplace diversity.

  1. Free Wall

A well-defined policy can be implemented in the workplace to introduce and encourage diversity and inclusion. The main purpose of the policy should be to focus on the acceptance of the individual differences and lifestyle choices of all workers. But creating and implementing policies is not enough. Clear and open communication and continue doing it are necessary to ensure effective leadership. Every unique need of people inside an organization should always be considered.

I suggest that companies must put a free wall on a clean space in their workplace. On that free wall, employees can write anonymously their suggestions, insights, requests, and even how they feel each day. To that, employees can be able to express themselves freely. 

  1. Commitment Tree

Fear must be excluded from the workplace. Everyone should be comfortable in their workplace. Joy and connection should be present so that employees can work effectively without being terrified to commit simple mistakes. A commitment tree can be a great help to monitor employees’ progress. It is where employees can write down their commitments concerning diversity and inclusion. This commitment tree can be placed somewhere in the workplace where everyone can see each progress publicly. 

We can always seek room for improvement. However, we must also recognize even the simplest and smallest success to celebrate them.

  1. Diversity-themed Focus Group

Conducting a diversity-themed focus group is one of the creative ways to introduce and encourage diversity in the workplace. That would surely provide a safe and comfortable environment for workers. Through this small group, employees can gather together and talk about different topics where they can be able to express their ideas, opinions, beliefs about it. Posing questions is also accepted in this focus group, that will let them discover each other’s attitudes and perspective. To that, it will build a strong relationship among the employees.

  1. Establish a Sense of Belonging

For each employee to bring their best self forward, one must feel that they truly belong in a group. That’s why it is important to establish a sense of belonging in the workplace. Jut like how we need food and shelter, we also need to feel that we are accepted and that we are also important. If a person can feel that he is not just a “somebody” in a group or organization, he can be able to do his work creatively and effectively. As a result, a company will benefit greatly if all tasks are done effectively.

Workplace diversity is not a one-size-fits-all approach, that’s why it’s so important to share best practices and be open to trying new things. Actively and purposely investing in diversity in the workplace will create a happier, more engaged workforce that will benefit a company in every aspect.