It’s totally normal to feel anxiety while you’re stressed out at work. Anxiety in general is a normal, healthy emotion under the right circumstances. The problem is that anxiety in large amounts and while you’re working can completely stifle productivity, and this also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also know how to combat anxiety when it does crop up.

It also doesn’t help the situation that for entrepreneurs and businesswomen, work is something that never truly leaves them. In the past, work was truly 9 to 5, but with the introduction of laptops and cellphones that can alert you of every email or stressful thought you have to think, anxiety never goes away. You can be sitting at home in the bath and get a work text that starts up the process all over again, even though your home should be a safe space.

Being mindful is a state of awareness. It’s about being centered in the present and acknowledging what you feel, think and sensate in order to better calm yourself and stay focused. This kind of therapeutic technique is great  for any kind of stressor, but it’s done wonders for women who have a lot of anxiety in the workplace.

Start thinking about these three mindfulness methods if you want to start letting go of some of that workplace baggage.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Being mindful is about being aware, and this means of both your mental and physical being. One exercise you can start doing to keep mindful at work is to focus on your body during your break. Walk around, either the office or go outside for a stroll, and go over your body part by part to keep yourself grounded. Focus on your feet, your legs, your pelvis, your abdomen. Get as specific as you’re comfortable with.

This kind of exercise is meant to stimulate your brain and focus your attention on something real, and your anxiety isn’t tangible.

Use the Commute to Relax

When you’re driving, walking or commuting back home after work, use the time to reflect on your actions and feelings for the day. How do you feel? Why? If you’re anxious, why do you feel anxious? What could alleviate the problem of anxiety?

Also, take the scenic route. If you don’t commute to work and work from home, take a walk around the neighborhood to get the blood flowing and the thoughts churning. Sometimes the best way to get rid of persistent anxiety thoughts is to persistently think about something else altogether.

Absorb Your Senses

When you eat at work, do you rush through it or work while you chew? When was the last time you really got to experience your own senses? There is sometimes nothing more relaxing than eating a nice meal alone or listening to music while you sit with your eyes closed.

After you’re done working, set aside 30 minutes for yourself and focus on one sense. If it’s taste, eat a meal and truly think about the food you’re eating. If it’s listening, consume every note and word of your favorite song while you sit and relax. This helps you let go of stress and anxiety and enjoy a moment to yourself.