Schedule FREE: The Importance of Breaking the Routine

It’s no doubt that life gets busy. We start our day with routines we’ve been doing for years and before you know it, we’re six, seven, or ten plus years running through the same obstacle course of routines. But are these routines really serving us? How is it that we commit to the same habitual patterns that keep us flowing the same way year after year?  When we say we’re busy – what are we busy doing? Busy going through the routine I can image.

Typically, our routines involve work, school, family and other important obligations. And while routines are great – they shouldn’t take over our lives for long periods of time where we’ve become dependent upon them. A routine help keep us organized and on schedule when they need to but what happens when we rely on them just so we don’t have to fill in the spaces.

Like when we start using our routines to decline a dinner invitation with friends because we’re gotten so use to a certain schedule that we never allow ourselves the time to deviate – not even just once. When we reach this point, we’ve allowed the routine to become so ingrained in our minds and now it’s running our lives whether we want to admit to it or not.

How can we escape the mundane list of rules we’ve made for ourselves and replace them with periods of spontaneity and freedom? It starts with making a decision to go against the grain. It starts with us making a conscious effort to break free from the weekly schedule and redirecting our attention towards something different. Don’t get stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. Take time to break free for a schedule to enjoy an ice cream cone or visit a friend. Change up what you have for dinner one or two days out of the week instead of spaghetti, do a stir-fry. Instead of timing how much alone time you have to yourself don’t worry about the time and just enjoy being peaceful until you feel it’s time to move.

The purpose of breaking free from the routine is to practice the present moments without being on the clock – operating on schedule. Unfortunately, most people are unable to look away from their schedule for long periods of time but if you’re able to enjoy just an hour or two of freedom from your daily routine you’ve accomplished enough for the day.

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