Getting in the ZONE: How to go from Zero to your Own Hero

We each have goals we want to achieve – personal goals, business goals, family goals and life goals in general. If there’s one thing we have in common as human beings thriving to grow and to curate our ambitions – it is to be successful in all that we do. No one wants to end up on the short end of success. Barely managing to get through the day and quite unsatisfied with their life.

Oftentimes we go through periods of stillness and inactivity. For the most part, this could be due to boredom or perhaps you’ve settled into a zone of contentment. There’s nothing wrong with the episodes of inactivity as long as you have a plan to move forward with your goals. We all need time to think and put things into perspective and making the most of that time will give you a fresh outlet as you move forward.

Don’t get stuck waiting on the “go ahead” from others. Don’t start drowning in your own self-pity because things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. Pull it together and start looking at the potential, your potential. Any goal that you set for yourself can be achieved with you commit to giving it your best. You should focus on getting in the zone – YOUR zone!  Here are a few tips that will help you layout a better foundation of moving forward with your goals whatever they happen to be.

1. One step at a time. Realizing that there is a finish line at the end of the journey is a great way to get excited about bringing your goal into fruition. It’s nice to have a visual or to imagine the way you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished your goal but you have to get started.  The first step to achievement begins with taking the first step. Once you take the first step, you’ll take another step and continue from there until you find your rhythm. Realize what lies ahead and appreciate it but start with taking the first step.

2. Give yourself credit. Even the smallest achievement is reason enough to give yourself credit. The small rewards add up and turn into big accomplishments as we continue to do the work. When you take the time to acknowledge where you are you’re more appreciative and committed to doing more. Completed 3 tasks that you’ve set for the day deserves applause. If you did more than what you intended, that deserves applause. Show appreciation for yourself.

3. Take responsibility. When you know you have things to do be very careful not to write it off for another time or being less important tasks. If you can tackle the task right then and there – do it. You want to get into the habit of responsibility and take charge of your to-do lists instead of letting it overwhelm and run your life. If you wind up letting it get out of hand it creates unnecessary chaos within your daily schedule.  If you need to revisit responsibilities do it but don’t leave things unattended hoping that they’ll somehow disappear!

4. Capitalize off the momentum. Once you get moving in the right direction you’ll want more of that flowing energy to sustain and increase your current level of productivity. This is what gets the engine fired up for more action! The more focus, attention, and energy you give to what you’re doing the more powerful and progressive the outlet. When you find yourself in the zone where things are coming together without strain and hassle, appreciate how things are coming together and keep moving. When you’re doing something you enjoy fueling your creative momentum with come with ease.

We all deal with distractions on a daily basis. The key is to not allow the distractions to take us out of our zone. Stay focused. Think about this – you’re in the theatre watching a movie you’ve been waiting to see for weeks. The action in the film is heating up and just as the tipping point is about to be revealed the server comes over and asks if they can get you more popcorn! Learn to weed out the distractions and focus on what’s important so you can stay in your zone.

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