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4 Popular Identity Shifting Methods to Create the Life you Want

Every once in a while, you stop and examine your life. You look at your job, family, finances, relationships, network, and the like. You look back at the decisions you’ve made over the years, the culmination of which has brought you to the present moment. Are you happy with your current state? Are you content? Do you like the direction that your life is taking? If your answer is an emphatic no, then you need to consider an identity shift.

Identity shifting involves creating a new image for yourself. You basically stop focusing on your present self and turn your attention toward the version of you – the person you’re working to create. This shift takes time and work, but the result is worth every minute. Here are some methods that will usher you to your new self:

Write it Down

What exactly are you working towards? Putting your goal down on paper helps you sharpen your vision. Remember in identity shifting, you see yourself not as you are but as you’re hoping to become. If you’re overweight and you’re seeking to lose weight, write of yourself as if you’re already there. Besides your target weight; you can write something as ‘I am healthy and whole.’ Write such declarations on sticky pads and put them up in prominent places where you see them often.

Also, write the steps that will get you to your goal. If you choose to enroll in a gym, write down your gym of choice and the time you should spend there every week. Share such goals with a trusted friend for accountability. Every time you falter, remind yourself why you started.

Tell a Different Story

What have you been saying about yourself? In this form of reality creation, words are powerful. Have you been referring to yourself as overweight? Sick? Rejected? Divorced? Fired? You might argue that this is true, but remember we’re creating a new identity. No more negative talk, whether to yourself or to anyone else who cares to listen. You’re now fit, vibrant, productive, and self-assured. Say it even when you don’t feel like it. With time, your words will begin to create a new identity and you will feel and act like it.

Practice Visualization

You attract what you think about. Begin manifesting a new identity. Manifestation will attract the things you desire into your life through constant thought and belief. Think of your new identity, and visualize it in detail. Visualize the clothes you’ll wear once you get fit. Go a step ahead and buy them, so you can see them in your closet every day. Project similar faith with your other goals, backed by relevant action. What you think; you eventually become.

Change your Body Language

Change how you sit, stand, and walk. Avoid hunching your shoulders or slopping forward when you sit. Sit/stand up straight, holding your head up. Walk with strides of confidence and joy. Enough with the feet dragging. Once you display confidence, you’ll actually feel more confident and ultimately become confident.

There you have it. You do not have to feel stuck anymore. With these techniques of identity shifting, you can transform your life.

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